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Logistics Management Divisions


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An efficient management of logistics is crucial for effective and efficient delivery of health services as well as ensuring rights of citizens of having quality of health care services. Logistics Management.

Division (LMD) has established under the Department of Health Services in 2050/51 (1993), with a network of central and five regional medical stores as well as district level stores. The major function of LMD is to procure, store and distribute health commodities for the health facilities of government of Nepal. It also involves repair and maintenance of bio‐medical equipment, instruments and the transportation vehicles.

In order to systematize the management of logistics, the Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) unit was established in LMD in 1994. LMIS Unit collects and analyses quarterly (three monthly) LMIS reports from all of the health facilities across the country; prepares report and disseminates it to:
Forecast annual requirements of commodities for public health program including family

  • planning, maternal, neonatal and child health, HIV and AIDS commodities, vaccines, and Essential Drugs;
  • Help to ensure demand and supply of drugs, vaccines, contraceptives, essential medical supplies at all levels;
  • Quarterly monitor the national pipeline and stock level of key health commodities.

Overall Objective

To plan and carry out the logistics activities for the uninterrupted supply of essential medicines, vaccines, contraceptives, equipment, HMIS/LMIS forms and allied commodities (including repair and maintenance of bio‐medical equipment) for the efficient delivery of healthcare services from the health institutions of government of Nepal in the country.

Major Activities

  • LMD implemented the following major activities during the FY 2068/69:
  • Plan for the efficient management on procurement, storage, distribution and transportation of health commodities required for the delivery of healthcare services to all health institutions of government of Nepal in the country.
  • Develop tender documents as per public procurement rules and regulations and procure
  • essential medicines, vaccines, contraceptives, equipment, different forms including HMIS/LMIS and allied commodities.
  • Store, re‐pack and distribute medicines, vaccines, contraceptives equipment and allied commodities.
  • Conduct health logistics management trainings/orientation in collaboration with NHTC up to regions, districts and other stakeholders.
  • Manage to print and distribute HMIS/LMIS forms, stock books and different forms required for all health institutions.
  • Support on implementation and functioning of web‐based LMIS, web‐based Equipment Inventory System and Inventory Management System software.
  • Manage to maintain the bio‐medical equipment, machineries and transport vehicles.
  • Implement and monitor Pull System for contraceptives, vaccines and essential drugs in the districts.
  • Coordinate with all development partners supporting health logistics management.
  • Supervise and monitor the logistics activities of all region (RMS) and district levels (DPHO/DHO).
  • Implement Telemedicine program in the hill and mountain districts.
  • Procure, store and distribute various health commodities for Program Divisions of the DoHS.

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Director General


      Dr. Gun Raj Lohani
      Phone Number : 01-4261712

सूचना अधिकारी


Mahesh Pandey
      Phone Number : 01-4261436