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Epidemiology and Disease Control division


Epidemiology and Disease Control Division was established as a Division of Statistics in 2030 BS and reorganized as Epidemiology and Statistical Division in 2035. According to new organizational structure 2050 BS, this Division is named as Epidemiology and Disease Control Division.

With the guidance of MOHP and co-ordination of central level organizations, hospitals, regional health directorate and medical colleges, along with technical assistance of WHO activities are being performed. Technical as well as financial support is provided by WHO, USAID, DFID and Global Funds for EDCD to achieve the objective of this division.

Objective of this Division

To reduce the disease burden of communicable disease through effective primary health care services.

Organizational structure:

Epidemiology Section:
Epidemiology Section is responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of surveillance, prevention and control activities of outbreak prone disease and mobilization of RRT.

Disease Control Section:
Disease control Section is responsible for planning, Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of surveillance, prevention and control activities of vector borne diseases specially Malaria, kalazar,dengue and lymphatic fileriasis.

Dizaster Management Section:
Dizaster management section is responsible for preparation and response for health problems or events related to disasters and its consequences.

Zoonotic Disease Sub-section:
Zoonotic disease sub-section is responsible for prevention and control of snake bites, rabies and other zoonotic diseases.

Major Programme conducted by EDCD:

1. Epidemic/ outbreak surveillance, outbreak preparedness and control programme
2. Malaria pre- elimination programme
3. Kalazar elimination programme.
4. Lymphatic fileria elimination programme
5. Dengue control programme
6. Dizaster management programme
7. Control of zoonotic disease specially snake bites and dog bites
8. Avian influnza control programme.



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