Epidemiology & Epidemic Management Section

The work of this section are as follows:

  • Epidemiologists will support the Ministry of Health and Population to develop national laws, policies and strategies necessary for childbirth.
  • Helping Ministry of Health and Population to provide necessary national law, policy and strategies related to health and social disaster, epidemic and other health management of emergency situations.
  •  Prepare criteria, protocols and directories regarding epidemiology and epidemiological management.
  • Epidemiology and health care in the state and local level, necessary assistance and coordination for the management.
  • Epidemiologists to support and execute the annual action plans of the federal level regarding childbirth.
  • Epidemiologists to coordinate and cooperate with the bodies related to the federal level.
  • To coordinate and assist in federal programs including information management management of epidemiology, epidemic and emergency management system.
  • Reduction of the impact of health sector from natural disaster and repression and multilateral coordination for controlling epidemic.
  • After the natural disasters, cooperatives and co-ordinates for the remedial and remedial service flow through the state and local level, to avoid disease in displaced communities.
  • Monitoring natural disaster prioritization and monitoring of activity activities in coordination with the state, to address the supervisory bodies with supervision.
  • Management and management of a copy through operation of a team of teams for controlling epidemiology.
  • Bureaucratic management of funds and materials needed for disease and hygiene, as well as cooperative and coordinating for sleep.
  •  Monitoring of diseases, diseases, prevention and prevention of diseases, supervision of superintendents.