Integrated Health Information Management Section

Section Chief: Kapil Timalsena


The work of this section are as follows:

  • To facilitate the Ministry of Health and Population to build policy, rules, directories, criteria and protocols related to the national level health management information system.
  • Making timely updates and techniques for effective management of health information.
  • To developed, expand, information systems like HMIS,LMIS,HIIS, in integrated system
  • Determine and modify the level indicators for national level health information
  • To prepare and publicly report the annual and periodic reports by disseminating related information related to health.
  • To empower the Integrated Health Information System for the ability to institutionalize different levels.
  • Coordinating and collaborating with the regional and local level for health care related information management and implementation.
  • Coordinating and facilitating the preparation of plans for the supermarkets under the department.
  • Updating the monthly, quarterly, annually report of the division and preparing the final report.
  • The necessary assistance will be made to formulate the overall plan of the ministry from the department