व्यवस्थापन माहाशाखा

निर्देशक: डा. श्रबण कुमार थापा


General management of Department of Health Services is assigned to Management Division.Operating Manual (Procedure), 2068 (third edition) for Department of Health Services describes the responsibility of this division in information management, planning, coordination, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the health programs. The division is also responsible for monitoring the delivery of quality health services through all types of health institutions. Furthermore, it monitors the building construction and maintenance of public health institutions and provides supports for maintenance of medical equipment. More activities are assigned to this division as directed by

NHSP, policies and plans that include mental health, oral health, health care waste management,health facility upgrading and renewals and nursing related programs.


The Management Division has major objective to support health programs and DoHS in overall to accomplish their service delivery functions which include in major to;

  • facilitate and co‐ordinate among concerned program divisions and centres to prepare annual plan, programs and make necessary arrangements to get approval from National Planning Commission (NPC) and Ministry of Finance (MoF)
  • make necessary arrangements for preparation and compilation of annual budget and programs of the Regional Health Directorates and Districts Public/Health Offices
  • monitor program implementation status and carryout periodic performance reviews
  • support quality improvement in the health sector
  • manage Health Management Information System (HMIS)
  • manage and Co‐ordinate for construction and maintenance of buildings and other infrastructures of Public Health Institutions
  • process for approval of establishment of private and non‐government health institutions
  • process for approval of new public health institutions and their upgrades
  • make arrangements for capacity building of human resources in public health